Airtel Money to be Free

Airtel Money to be Free

Airtel Money to be Free

*Customer to send and receive money for FREE
AIRTEL Tanzania one of the country’s leading Telecommunications services providers has today launched a massive offer for its mobile money services users. Hakatwi Mtu Hapa. Simply put, by using Airtel Money, customers will NOT be charged ANYTHING for sending and withdrawing money. 
Airtel Money Bure Promotion will provide an immediate financial relief to many customers. Speaking during the launch, Airtel Public Relation Manager Jackson Mmbando said: “We are the most affordable mobile network operator in the country. We will strive to continue providing innovative and ground breaking promotions throughout the year. Hakatwi Mtu Hapa launch is another example of our renewed commitment to making Airtel Money the best Mobile money services provider, across the country”.
On her part Airtel Money Operations Manager Asupya Naligwingwa  added “This means that our customers across the country will be able to send and withdraw money to any mobile service provider at no cost”
We are happy to be able to provide such relief to many customers that often feel short changed when transacting due to the fact that the amount sent and received is deducted a fee. We have decided to forego this fee and allow our customers the pleasure of getting the FULL AMOUNT- with no deductions.” added Ms Singano.
The industry has of late been excited by another widely popular customer promotional offer, Airtel Yatosha. Hakatwi Mtu Hapa only strengthens the acceptability of the Yatosha concept whereby all services, be it making calls, sending sms, data browsing and NOW money transfer services are all readily available and remain the most competitive and affordable offerings available in the country. With Hakatwi Mtu Hapa promotion, Airtel Money is now without doubt more than enough.

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