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Women are dominating all parts of life and there are sitting on the top seats all over the world. Politics and business are those top fields which empower the women and in this list of top ten powerful women most of the women belongs to politics and business. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on number one in the list of top ten powerful females in the world in 2011. Most of the ladies in this top ten powerful ladies list belong to the USA. . Following is the complete list which is recently published by reputed Forbes magazine.

1. Angela Merkel: German Chancellor is on the top of the list of most powerful women in the world. Her age is 57 years and she acquired her power through politics.

2. Hillary Clinton is the second most powerful women in the world. She belongs to United States and currently working as Secretary of State of USA. Her age is 63 and she made his place in that list due to politics

3. Dilma Rousseff is on number three in this list. She is the President of Brazil and playing important role in the progress of Brazil.

4. Indra Nooyi: She is the Chief Executive of PepsiCo and earned this place due to her influence in business community. Her age is 55 and she belongs to United States. She was born in Chennai, India but now a US citizen. The reason why he is in this list is because annual revenue of PepsiCo is $57

5. Sheryl Sandberg is another business woman who is at number 5 in the list of most powerful females in the world in year 2011. She is the COO of facebook. She is also the youngest women in this list of most powerful women of world. Her age is only 41 and she belongs to USA.

6. Melinda Gates: She is the Cofounder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which is a non-profit organization. At the age of 47 Melinda Gates is in the list of top ten most powerful women of world in 2011.

7. Sonia Gandhi is the president of ruling Indian National Congress Party in India. Although she is not the PM or President of India but she is the real force behind Indian politics and that is why she is in the list of most powerful women in world in 2011.

8. Michelle Obama: She is the wife of most powerful man of the world. American First Lady is at number 8 in this list.

9. Christine Lagarde is the managing director of IMF (international Monetary Fund). She belongs to France and her age is 55 years.

10. Irene Rosenfeld is the CEO of Craft Foods. Total annual revenue of Craft Foods is $49 billion which makes her one of the most powerful women in world in year 2011.

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